The Quest For Happiness Within You
Interactive Questions and Answers.
Right now,  I invite you to take a look within.
Be completely honest with yourself. No one else knows your answers.
Your answers are the reason why your life is the way it is today.
Your answers determine your destiny.

Ok, take a deeeeeep breath, (hey, i'm watching you now),
and... just, relax... relax into your chair.
Now, remember a time when you felt playful.
You can't?
Well, pretend, and if you can't pretend, just go with whatever mood you're in!

Take your time, really think about your answers.
Take notes interactively. Get a pen and notebook ready.
You may discover a newer, clearer life quest. You may discover... YOU!

"I accept who I am, right now, today, at this moment in my life
  I accept my life exactly as it is"

Acceptance is NOT resignation. Acceptance is inner peace and happiness.

If you answered "YES of course I do!",
I invite you to check inside, HONESTLY,  one more time.
Is there NOTHING you would not like to improve or have more or less of?
If you are sure, go celebrate by skipping around the block.

Otherwise...What do you not accept?
Write down EVERYTHING you are not happy with:
i.e.: emotionally, physically, health wise, relationships, family, children,
work, financial status, possessions.
Then...put your list in order of the most important areas to work on.
Keep it for reference.

What dis-empowering emotions do you have every week, that are not acceptable?
i.e.: Frustration, anger, sadness, depression, impatience, aggression, shyness,
apathy, fear of...  etc.
Write them down before you answer the next questions.

Do you enjoy these emotions?
When would now be a great time to give them up?

Ask yourself and write some answers to the following question:
"What would happen if I gave them up?"

  You have nothing to lose
other than all you are denying yourself the right to have!

I suggest you REPLACE them.
Become aware when you feel them and immediately STOP,
and do something completely the opposite!

Write a sentence and create a list of actions you can take instead
to instantly change your state.
i.e Everytime I get angry I now.. (take deep breaths, I dance, I write, I take a walk etc.).

Go ahead. I will wait...

If you're done, continue on.
What are your most powerful, empowering emotions and qualities?
i.e Happiness, love, passion, compassion, unstop ability, vitality, confidence,
intelligence, strength, kindness, etc.
Write them all down.
Use these qualities of strength to change everything you are not happy with.

Write a sentence and create a list of actions you can take to instantly access these states.
i.e I am happy everytime I... (run, dance, paint, hug my child, take a bubble bath etc.).

Now, pretend you HAVE to write on a huge billboard for all the world to see,
 a universal, personal ad for who you are TODAY.

NOT, who you THINK you are,
or who you would LIKE to be,
or who you USED to be...

Hmmm... Not so easy huh?
Let me give you a worst case, exaggerated example.
In  blue are the words that sum up this person for a shorter, more concise version.

"Hi! My name is Joe.
Im depressed because my girlfriend left me.
My life is empty.
I don't trust many women anymore.
no trust
I don't like my work but it pays the bills.
I enjoy drinking beer, getting stoned, watching cartoons
and people yelling at each other on talk shows.
My goals for this year? Not sure.
I will be faithful and loyal, if you can promote my life.
opportunist, dishonorable, user/taker
I'm not good at long term relationships.
fear of rejection & commitment
Im 40 and I prefer young, thin blondes.
need validation of sexual attraction, fear of aging
I will marry you if you have money, youth or a rich family.
manipulative, irresponsible, immature
My cat is my best friend. I love reading about celebrities.
dislike of self
I couldn't care less about starving children in Africa or the state of the world.
My life is way more important than the other side of the planet!
selfish, self serving
I dream to be rich and famous then everyone will love me.
no self love or self worth
I don't forgive easily and I hate to lose.
judgmental, resentful
I enjoy talking about my life and what i've done for other people,
because it makes me important.
arrogant, low self esteem, need for significance and attention, narcissistic
Don't question my past or talk behind my back to my friends.
fearful, deceitful
I have to be in control but I hate to hurt other people's feelings.
controlling, fear of being disliked

Do you relate?
Ok, you love your dog and watching cartoons. That doesn't count.

This little exercise is reeeeally important.
You will understand why once you've completed it.
It can be long or short. Be naked and  extremely HONEST.
Imagine you are writing this to attract the mate of your dreams.
Go ahead and write:
Who are you TODAY?

When you are finished, look at it and ask yourself,
"Is this who I REALLY am?"
"Is this someone I would like to be with?"
Put the 'ad' into a sealed envelope and place it somewhere safe.
Hmmmm... Something to work on!


OK. Answer these very simple but very enlightening questions.
Take your time. Your life IS important.

Who are you?
Who do you love?
Who loves you?
What are you thankful for?
What are you passionate about?
When was the last time you laughed?
What do you need to let go of?
What are your goals?
What is your mission in life?
Where will you be 10 years from now,
...physically, mentally, emotionally and financially?

Wow, there is a lot to think about. Are you having fun? Life is not a serious game.
Life is to be enjoyed to the max and filled with smiles, laughter, love and adventure.
Life is whatever YOU create it to be.

You don't have to travel to exotic lands, or become outrageously wealthy,
or be the size of a super model.
It's not about what you look like, what you do or where you are.
Be who you REALLY are FROM WITHIN,  and make a difference to everyone around you.

All of us travel through different seasons in our life and each are meaningful and special.
There are the seasons of age and the seasons of our daily life.
Every day can't be spring. Just as winter passes, so too does summer.
There is also a time limit to the seasons.
We grow and change, according to the events that happen to and around us.
Winter is a season to let go and rest.
Spring is the time to sow the plans for our future.
Summer is the time to celebrate, enjoy, dance and play.
Autumn is the time to slow down, collect and reflect.
Regardless of age, what  season are you in?

No matter what season you are in mentally or physically, dance, smile, laugh and be grateful.
Acknowledge the lessons, the growth, the challenges, the gifts.
They all come together and define who you are and who you are not.

What you believe can be changed in a heartbeat.
What you believe came about by the events that have happened to you.
Let me give you an example or two and possible reasons for your beliefs.

Sex is bad.   "I was raped"
Men cannot be trusted.   "My father cheated on my mum"
Love is pain.  "My partner left me"
I am too fat...  I am too old... I'm not good enough... Money is evil...

  What you believe, determines the course of your life.

What do YOU believe? Answer these questions.
Men are... Women are...  Love is... Relationships...
Money is...   I am...  Life...

Then, ask yourself:
How do I KNOW my beliefs are true?
Hmmm!!! These beliefs came from past experiences.

  What happened to you yesterday,
does not determine what happens to you tomorrow.

A negative attitude towards yourself and others will NEVER bring lasting happiness and love.
Now ask yourself seriously:
"What will happen, if I no longer believe......?"
"What will I lose, if I don't let go of my old beliefs?
"What will I gain if I do?!"

It is YOUR choice.
Let go of yesterday: create new choices, create new beliefs, create new meanings,
experience different consequences.

Soooo, Create some new beliefs and write a sentence for each one,
explaining what  you will gain from doing so.
Brainstorm right now and get EXCITED!

It is important to acknowledge the past, because it has made you who you are today.
However it is more important to let go of what hurts and travel towards everything
that will give you happiness tomorrow.
If it means letting go of people, places and possessions, than make that decision:

Right now, decide, commit and write down everything you need to let go of:
"I now let go of...........for my highest good".

OK. Now, go DO IT!

   It's not what happens to you but what you do about it!

Congratulations! You made it. Actually this is just the beginning.
The journey of life and quest for happiness and love has no real beginning
and where it all ends, who knows!

I challenge you, to challenge yourself, and 6 months from now,
re-read your universal ad that you wrote earlier on.
I think you will be very surprised.
Then maybe, write a new one! Keep yourself "tuned up".

a) If you don't already, begin keeping a journal everyday of what you are grateful for.
b) Ask yourself at the end of each day:
"What was my high today?" and"What was my low?"
Share it with your partner and get them to join in. Include your children.
It will teach you a lot about yourself and each other.

Live life to the max, live with passion, laugh often, dream huge and love with all your heart.

Would you like to change your quest without, your world around you?
Your Life Is A Reflection Of Who You Are!
This includes a very special and personal Life Destiny Poster.

Ok, my invisible friend out there in cyberspace, if your ready
here is the second to last page of your special journey within... Language Of The Heart

Read The Winners Creed for inspiration.

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