Seduction - Another Place in Time

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The power of a woman is beyond any man.
The smell of her skin, the touch of her hand.
The hypnosis of her eyes, the enchantment of her voice.
The kiss of her lips, the dance of her body.
Few men can resist.

Inevitably the seduction will run its course and leave for another.
Regret will dwell silently in the shadows of his mind.
She is by nature stronger and will recover.
Invisible scars will determine the direction they choose ahead.
Neither will forget the passion of first love.
Neither will forget the moments shared along the way.
There is no going back. A new chapter begins.

Anothers touch, anothers dance, anothers kiss, another place in time.
Destiny will always remind you of what is done and what is left undone...
... continuation for completion is inevitable, in this lifetime or the next.


Artist Dianne Rivers

Eternal Quest Gallery
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