Sai Baba ... A very human earth angel!

"Man has conquered everything,
but has not conquered himself" Sai Baba.

Sai Baba

              Bhur, Bhuva, Swaha
              Tat Saviture Varenyam
              Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
              Dhiyo-yo Na Praco Dayat

Spiritual Lessons

Man is completely unaware of his real nature, which is love and compassion.
He is so much immersed in selfishness that he only does every action to
further his own self-interest and accumulate possessions for himself.
Even the love that man exhibits today towards other persons or objects is only
with a selfish motive to gain something out of them and not for their sake.

Ignorance is the cause of ego, which breeds attachment and hatred.
For getting liberation one has to get rid of the ego, ignorance and attachment.
The ego gives rise to desire, which plunges man in karma which, in turn causes birth.
Where there is attachment, there is hatred, which is a reflection of fear.
Fear is born out of attachment, the fear of losing what one has.
Attachment and fear breed hatred.

Whoever wields the sword against others, will perish by the sword.
The harm which he does to others will eventually undo him.
Whoever abuses others, will also be the target of abuse by others.
As are the thoughts, so is the outcome.
The entire human existence is based upon thoughts and their results.

Speech indicates one's character, reveals one's personality, educates others and
communicates experience and information. So, be vigilant about words.
Slip while walking: the injury can be repaired!
Slip while talking: the injury is irreparable.

Worldly love always takes and never gives; Divine love always gives and never takes.

In a year there are 31,536,000 seconds.
How are you using these precious moments?
How many seconds are you devoting to respecting elders and honoring parents?
How many seconds do you spend on earning your food?
How many seconds are you wasting on useless activities?
How many seconds are you devoting to seeing films and TV?
How many seconds do you spend on reading meaningless novels?
And how many seconds on studying worthwhile books?
How many seconds do you devote to Great Spirit within and without?
How many seconds to rectify your inner feelings?
How many seconds to love?
Every man should love God. God is Love, Love is God. Live in Love.
Whatever one does without Love is useless.

Love All. Serve All.
Help Ever. Hurt Never.

Regardless of Sai Baba's  sexual preference and apparent deceit,
the above words are ancient and true.

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