Quest For Romance & Adventure
(International Adventure Links Included)
No matter what season of life you are in, keep romance alive between you and your beloved.
This page is for you to put love, romance and passion into your life, especially if its gotten lost.
No matter if you are in lust, in love or just having a groovy time, be romantic.
Do it with passion, style, class, spontaneity and get creative!
Be PLAYFUL, be adventurous, be outrageous and have fun.
The Bathroom:
Shower together with lots of steam.
Take a bubble bath together, with candles and champagne.
Leave lipstick kisses and love notes on the bathroom mirror.
Write "I love you" in the bathroom mirror steam.
Leave a message in a bottle floating in the bathtub.
Shave your man's face for him.
Wash each other.
Around the love shack:
Hide tiny love notes everywhere.
Dine by candlelight each night.
Blindfold your lover and feed him/her.
Play strip poker.
For one hour, don't talk! ... Instead put on music, tickle each other,
play chess, backgammon, monopoly (try all at the same time),
dance, give each other a massage.
Dress up for each other for dinner then undress each other after.
Get reeeeally dressed up, rent a limo and go see a ballet, play or opera
and... don't wear underwear.
Wash each others car.
Have a water fight with toy guns.
Wrestle and tickle each other.
Put your names into cement together in the garden/driveway.
Carve your names with a heart and arrow on a garden tree.
Plant your own tree or rose bush together and name it.
Swing and sleep in a hammock together.
Choose one special song to call your own.
bed laugh
The Bedroom - your playroom & temple of love:
Sleep naked.
Have a pillow fight.
Have breakfast in bed.
Sprinkle flower petals all over the bed.
Give a special massage from head to toe, by candlelight, with music.
Leave a rose with a love note on the pillow.
Create a love altar together of all the special momento's between you.
Dress up and play out your fantasies.
Video each other if you dare!
NEVER fight in this room.

The Great Outdoors:
Go dance together in the rain, without an umbrella.
Watch the sunset or sunrise together.
Have a picnic, in bed, in the garden, on the beach, in a forest, on a city rooftop.
Have a picnic under the stars.
Go camping and snuggle up close at night in one sleeping bag.
(Try camping out in your back garden too).
Make love on a beach under a full moon.
Make love on a plane, in an elevator, on a train.
Experience a sweat lodge together.
Go horseback riding together. Yahoo!
In fact try: Paintball Games, the shooting range, scuba diving
Test drive a very expensive sports car, go jet skiing, skydiving
Try deep sea fishing or whitewater rafting (in Fiji).
Take a cruise. Go hiking (across Spain), or bicycling or roller-blading.
Try your lovers favourite sport together.
Go with your partner to watch his/her favourite sport.
Take each other shopping for lingerie.
Fly kites, play frisbee.
Take a jacuzzi under the stars.

9 to 5, break it down:
Put love notes in pockets, to be discovered at work.
Make love during lunch-break.
Send flowers or balloons to the office.
Call in sick and stay home in bed all day together.
Call and say "I Love you and miss you. Can't wait for you to get home and get naked".
At the end of each day share your highs and your lows with each other.

Go away for a weekend to a Bed and Breakfast.
Take a second honeymoon.
Take a ride in a hot air balloon.
Run away to an exotic island or location with 24hrs notice.
Take a Safari  in Africa.
Go skiing and cuddle up close with one blanket, in front of the fireplace at night.
Go row a boat on a lake/river or experience a gondola ride in Venice, Italy.
Take off into the countryside on a motorbike.
Plan a road trip and go exploring locally or abroad.
Take a train across country.  Explore a continent you've never seen.
Take a cruise.

Anything made by hand is a treasured gift.
Jewelry? Drop it in a glass of champagne.
Create a trail of clues leading to the gift.
Make a tape/CD of your favourite songs.
A video of all your special places and moments together.
A photo album of memories, including the following:
receipts from movies, hotels, bar napkins, pressed flowers,
flight tickets, get creative!
Anything to do with your partner's favourite sport.
A sexy/erotic/sensual nude photo of yourself.
Mail him/her, your favourite sexy underwear.

When was the last time you .... together?
Built a sandcastle?
Rode on a merry-go-round?
Had a snowball fight?
Built a snowman?
Went swimming naked?
Used the bed as a trampoline?
Played hide and seek?
Watched the sun rise?

neck kiss
Why Not?...
Make love in the rain.
Wear fresh flowers in your hair.
Strip! to the tune of "You can leave your hat on", by Joe Cocker or Tom Jones.
Renew wedding vows.
Sing a song to your lover.
Write "... loves..." in chalk on a street wall/entrance, as a surprise.
Skip hand in hand together, soooo fun. You will giggle, guaranteed.
Take Tango/Salsa lessons together, very sexy!
Return to the place of your first date.
Dedicate a song to your lover on the radio.
Leave a love message on the answering machine.
Send a romantic/sexy email or telegram.
Page your lover with a secret code to say "I love you".
Wear high heels, stockings and a garter belt.
Read or write love poems to each other.
Write a love letter and mail it, even if you live together.
Sit opposite each other and gaze into each others eyes, the windows to the soul
(You WILL connect, very deeply, after you stop giggling).
Work out together. Do Tai-Chi or Tae Bo
It's a given!
Spend quality time together.
Say "I love you", often!
Flowers, anytime, anyday, just because.
Loving compliments, praise and appreciation.
Fall asleep in each others arms.
Write love letters.
Flirt with each other.
Have a date night at least once a month if not more.
Express how you feel honestly.
Never take your relationship for granted.
Never criticize or blame.
Cuddle and hold hands often.
Kiss long and deep, often!
Reeeeally LISTEN to each other.
Become best friends, as well as lovers.
NEVER go to sleep angry with each other.

Scents that arouse passion:
Pear, vanilla, lavender, pumpkin pie, musk.

Romantic things:
Candles, flowers, incense, music, perfume, lingerie, wind chimes, fireplaces,
waterfalls, forests, beaches. Sunrise, sunset. The colour pink!

Romantic Films:
Romantic films, music and places are personal choices, special to your heart,
close to home or far away. Here are some classics:
Braveheart, City Of Angels, Romeo and Juliet, Legends Of The Fall, 91/2 Weeks,
Ghost, Gladiator, Titanic, Zorro, The Getaway, Westside Story, Pearl Harbor,
When Harry Met Sally, What Dreams May Come, Somewhere In Time, Love Jones.

Romantic Music:
Enigma, Sade, Mono, acoustic guitar, Moby, Enrique Iglesias, Evanescence.
Celine Dion, Bryan Ferry, Maxwell, classical music, Barry White, Enya, Ne-Yo.

sunset love
Romantic Places:
Tahiti,  Fiji, Bora Bora,  Bali
The Islands of Queensland
Banff, Alberta
Paris, France - Venice, Italy.
The Rockie Mountains, The Swiss Alps.
The Seychelles
The Greek Islands - Cancun, Mexico, The Florida Keys.

Worldwide Adventure

My favorite? Barefoot, a sarong/jeans, out somewhere in the midst of nature on horseback.
Take me to a waterfall, an isolated beach or a jungle. Give me a single flower.
Play your guitar under the stars as you sing to me. I'm yours.

"I could stay awake, just to hear you breathing
 Watch you smile while you are sleeping,
 While you're far away and dreaming
 I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
 I could stay lost in this moment forever
 Every moment I spend with you is a moment I treasure..."
~ I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Aerosmith.

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