Life Reflections


Your life is NOT by
chance or coincidence.

It is a reflection of

Think about it and look at your life today...
Your clothes, your home, your friends, your partner, your children,
the food you eat, the work you do, the location you live in,
the possessions you keep,
transportation you use,
places you hang out, your health and fitness, music you listen too,

books you read, pastimes you have, sports you do,
things you collect,
the difference you make in the lives of others...

If you are unhappy with your life,
if these things are not a reflection of who you REALLY are inside,
change them!

You can be and do ANYTHING in life.
No one is stopping you. Only YOU.
There is no one to answer to or blame. Only yourself.
There are no limitations or rules other than the ones
YOU create and decide.

How you live your life everyday, is YOUR choice.

Need a little help? Read on...

If your employer hates purple hair, than choose
a different color or get a new boss.
If your parents threaten to replace you with a parrot
if you pierce your nose, than don't!
When in doubt, question everything and accept nothing less
until YOU are happy.
Then... decide and choose for yourself, accept responsibility
and feel free to express yourself, verbally and physically.

If your choices in any way, shape or form cause deliberate hurt
to another, choose again or deal with the consequences and know
that you get back, sooner or later, EXACTLY what you put out!
Allow compassion, truthfulness and honor to guide you.


If anyone tells you cannot become an astronaut, a famous singer, a travel journalist,
or dance on Broadway, backpack around the world, have your own business,

Even stop, and consider WHY the person told you you can't.
Chances are that person does not follow their own dreams, is afraid
of judgment or failure, and has no inner strength, confidence or belief in himself.
It does not really matter. It's YOUR life, YOUR heart and YOUR dreams,
that matter.

Follow your dreams and listen to your heart.

Decide carefully what you TRULY want to be and do.
Be what you want, but be it WITH ALL YOU HEART AND SOUL.

In todays world, YOU set the fashion & style. There is freedom
to express yourself beyond imagination. Feeling great and being
who you are is an external visual expression from within.
Do you like what is around you?...
Do you like what you see in the mirror?

Wear clothes and colors that reflect who you are.
Style your hair and color it as you feel.
Experiment, try something new. Be playful, be daring.
Body piercing and tattoos have existed in most cultures throughout
history, as personal, unique expressions of identity. Hmmm...
Create your own body style and change it as you grow.
The person you are today, is not the person you were 10 years ago
or the person you will be 5 years from now.



Re decorate & paint your home to reflect your feelings.
Work with what you have using color, plants & pictures as a foundation.
And... If you absolutely hate your location, move.
Throw out EVERYTHING that does not give you happy feelings & memories.
Get rid of everything that you don't use and everything that is useless.
Repair everything that is broken or throw it away.
Holding on to broken objects & bad memories is BAD energy & affects your life!

Make new friends and say goodbye to all those who bring you down.
Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who support your strengths
and not your weaknesses. People who YOU admire and can learn and grow from.
The people around you are a reflection of who you are & how you feel about yourself.

Find work doing what you love, even if it's only part time or as a hobby to begin.
What is more important to you?... Working to live or living with joy to work?

Quit eating junk food, excess meat, excess sugar, soda, white bread, milk & margarine!
... Anything in a box or a can is dead nutrition, full of preservatives, chemicals you
cannot pronounce and toxic ingredients.

Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are poison. They kill your body and your mind.
They are an escape from the world you live in because... you don't like it!
Is being fat/sick/dependant/drugged up, a reflection of the REAL you?
Create a new world before this one destroys you.

Take up that hobby or sport you've always wanted to do.
Read those books you put on the shelf. Learn that skill you've dreamed of having.
Build that treehouse, climb that mountain, go swim with dolphins, take that vacation,
get that massage, write that poetry, go skydive, learn to salsa, play that guitar,
keep a diary, become an olympic athlete, go back to school, do ANYTHING you want.
What are you waiting for?

If you can imagine and visualize it, you can do it!

Your Life & Destiny Poster

Do this REALLY important exercise
to manifest your dreams into reality.

Create a poster of everything you love,
everything you wish to own and become.
Use magazines/postcards/photographs,
and words that empower and inspire you.

Take an afternoon off to do this.
Have fun, get creative,
and put it somewhere you can see it 
every day. A word of advice...
Be careful what you put on this poster
because it will become true!

1) Write at the top,
your mission/purpose in life.
Why are you alive?
Why do you wake up everyday?
'The purpose of my life is...'

2) Write down on one side the
top four emotionally empowering important states, 
that you value most in life.
- states you already value, or add some that you wish to have.
e.g. Love, loyalty, honor, passion, adventure, health,
fitness, success, confidence.

3) Next to each of these,
write actions that put you into accessing these states very easily.
e.g. Health... Eating vegetables, drinking water, working out,
sleeping 8 hrs, ect

4) Write down on the other side the, 
top four most emotionally, dis-empowering states, 
that you experience EVERY week.
eg: Anger, depression, shyness, apathy, hostility, etc
5) Write next to each one, 
actions you can take to instantly get out of these states.
eg: Anger... Breathe deeply, go workout, take a walk,
dance, play music etc

6) Write down a list of states you commit to being every day.
EVERYDAY I AM:  Playful, strong, healthy, growing, inspiring,
giving, thankful, ect

7) Write down your top one year goals and set a date
you will achieve them by.
Get specific. You get exactly what you ask for...
leave the rest to the Universe, visualize often and BELIEVE! 

8) Add your chosen images and any powerful sayings or affirmations.
Make the affirmations IN THE PRESENT MOMENT!
e.g. "I never get sick."
" I am financially independent."


mother child
You have heard this before but it is absolutely TRUE... Helping others,
will enable you to be fulfilled, happy and grow tremendously.

If you are experiencing a particularly painful
or challenging time in your life...
I guarantee, sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, repeating the same old story over and over again, escaping into substance or food abuse, will not change a thing. It will only get worse with serious consequences and long term repercussions.

Channel your emotions and passions,
into outlets of positive, empowering expression.
There are endless opportunities to do this.
Giving money does NOT count!
Get involved personally:

The Special Olympics for the physically challenged.
AIDS patients who need meals, love and support.
Shelters for the hungry or for battered women
or for runaway teens
Under privileged, deprived, abused children
and teenagers
Recovering drug addicts and alcoholics need sponsors.
Old people who are lonely.
Animal shelters.
Sick children in hospitals.
Natural disaster aid and relief.
Clean up and protect nature and the environment,
locally and worldwide.

Sponsor and correspond with a child in a poor
community or another country
Read books to the blind.
Become a mentor.


Life is about being of service to others, not just to yourself.
If you do any of the following, teach and share these gifts and abilities!
Share your life as you live it.

Dancing, Singing, Music, Art work, Any Sport,  Martial Arts,
Healing,  Massage,  Listening,  Reading aloud,
Cooking, Decorating/Painting, Building,
Hairdressing/Makeup Artist/Manacurist,
Health/Fitness Training,
Games such as Chess/Backgammon,
Comedic, Magic, Clown or Puppet Shows,
Computer skills.

Your life will change beyond belief, your skills will grow, your heart
will expand, and you will let go of feeling sorry for yourself, being bored,
lonely, unfulfilled, depressed, frustrated or stagnant.

This is YOUR life. You have chances everyday to make a difference,
be whoever you want to be and live the life of your dreams.
When the pain of holding on to old memories, bad experiences,
broken dreams and destructive habits, becomes greater than the pain of letting go, you WILL let go.
It is NEVER too late unless you have decided it is.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Step out of your comfort zone and take that first step.
Create new dreams, new experiences, new memories.
Age, financial status, skin color and lack of time, are NOT excuses!


Every Moment Is A Choice...
Choose with wisdom,
 for the highest good,

the greatest outcome.

Life is an exciting, challenging adventure to be lived to the fullest.
There is no guarantee what will happen tomorrow.
There is no guarantee that you HAVE a tomorrow!

Be the best you can be for yourself and those around you.
There is no such thing as JUST a housewife, JUST a cashier,
JUST a waitress, JUST a postman, JUST a grandparent.

Choose to be extraordinary and outstanding.
Choose to smile often, to laugh more, to be happy,
to see the humor in ridiculous situations,
to stand up for yourself and to all those who suppress freedom.
Speak, act and show the truth of who you are.

REALLY live or just exist and dream on. YOU decide.
Ten years from now, where will you be, within and without?


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