What Is The Matrix Exactly?
You cannot be told what it is. You have to see it for yourself.


The Matrix is a dimension of reality that hides the truth behind convincing lies...
clever manipulation by the control of a few, for power over millions and millions of people.
This has been happening for centuries. There is nothing new under the sun.
Only now it is the year 2006 and it has becoming serious and deeply invasive.

If you find this funny it is because you have bought into the lies.
You live inside the matrix and you are happy to live under conditioned mass hypnosis.
You are content to have other people, (people you do not even know personally!),
tell you what to do... how to live your life, what to think and what to believe in.

You want examples of the control today:
Paper Marriage.
Television and Newspapers.
Food and Medicine.

Maybe you have never really cared to take responsibility for yourself and take control of your life.
You have rarely questioned the establishment and you do as you're told. You feel comfortable
and safe. You do not know of any other way and you have too much fear to let go of all that
you know and feel secure with. Besides, you enjoy tradition because it gives you identity.

Identity is the number one most important human trait.
People reject each other and even hate and kill over identity.
So stay the way you are. Don't change. Why should you?...

Perhaps you DO know the truth, but you prefer to be blind and silent. You have even
teamed up with the rules and the players to manipulate and control everyone around you.
You sold out for the identity of fame, money and glory.

Perhaps you do know the truth, and you don't know how to break out of the matrix.

It is all about choices and consequences.
Decide. Become free and powerful in a way you cannot imagine,
or stay under the evil control of the matrix masters and live with their consequences.
Here is the truth... 


This is the BIGGEST lie on earth.

Religion was created by various groups of men, identified by specific clothing, who decided 
to take control and tell you how to live your life. They take their sermons from ancient books,
written by other men who happened to be able to read and write at that time, stories that were 
passed down from years before they were even born!

Do you know how many times the bible has been re -written, how many times it has been 
edited and how many passages taken out to keep you from free will and truth?
The koran has NEVER been re-written but it was written for THAT day and age, not for 
today's world. These books and other scriptures are history books with guidelines for life in
those times. Some of the wisdom applys to today but you are even told how to interpret it.

Divine inspiration?
Every time you think, every time you write, THAT is divine inspiration. YOU ARE GOD!

Jesus was an evolved soul who came here with one message..
This is who you really are.
Hitler was a soul who came here with a message too..
This is who you are not! - but could choose to be!

Jesus taught common sense. Groups of men listened and followed him.
Hitler had groups of men following him too.

When a powerful man with charisma speaks, people listen and often blindly follow.
Sai Baba is such a man. 
Sai Baba has clearly given a message to millions, to NOT FOLLOW ANYONE!
Jim Jones was another example. There are hundreds more. 

Listen to your heart. Follow your feelings and walk your own path.
Are you that weak, simple and uneducated that you cannot decide for yourself 'right' from 'wrong'?
Do you absolutely need to be dependant on total strangers to guide your life?
Do you need to worship ancient statues and symbols?
Do you need a specific manmade structure to do it in?

How do you suppose these men and organisations became so powerful? 
These kinds of men and their groups, use their charm and gifts to entice you, then
they threaten you with punishment if you stray away or refuse to live by their rules.
These groups even have some of you dress a certain way and give them money.

Great Spirit, creator of all that is just smiles. The Universe does not judge or condemn.

Everything in creation is energy. 
Energy cannot die. It can only transform.
There are two kinds of energy: Positive and negative.
The matrix feeds off negative energy. These men, feed off negative energy... FEAR.
Fear that they have made up and YOU put in your heart, in your everyday life.
And you believe them!

Priests, vicars, rabbi, witch doctors, mullah, medicine men, cult leaders, clergy...
all of them manipulate your self created fears. From ancient tribes in the jungles and deserts
to 'sophisticated'  tribes in the concrete jungles. From the first dawning of mankind until now...

You will not be burnt at the stake or burn in hell for listening to your own soul.
Hell is a place of unhappiness inside yourself, which comes from holding on to the past.
The devil is a manmade creation for control ...
Satan is a SYMBOL of negative energy, a force of potential destruction
which YOU create with your thoughts if you are unhappy enough.

Great Spirit, the creator of all that is, gave humans a most precious gift that will never be taken away.
The gift of free will. Is it not time for you to REALLY use it?
Is it not time for you to stop giving it away to others, and allowing them to take it from you?

If you seek truth, look to Buddism for answers - A philosophy that embraces all.
Do you know of any Buddhists that HATE,  KILL and WAGE WAR ?!!!
One of the underlying beliefs is that enlightenment involves recognizing
that the world around us is an illusion. THAT... is what The Matrix is. 

trinity and neo


Marriage is the relationship itself. It is NOT a piece of paper.

Marriage is a union between two people who commit to each other for a period of time.
OK, so you want to wear a white dress and spend thousands of dollars on a huge party,
just understand that a signature guarantees NOTHING.
It gives you lower taxes and a different legal name.
Humans change and grow constantly. Who you are at 20 is not who you will be at 30 or 40.
You and your chosen partner will change. Humans are not naturally monogamous.

So have a huge party. Celebrate your love for each other often.
Create wonderful changes around you. Inspire each other to greatness.
A piece of paper will not do this. A connection at soul level does.


Re-read the section on religion.

The difference is that in some countries, the government does not use the word 'God' to manipulate you.
They use other words instead and pretend to actually care about the quality of your life, your health
and safety. All the while they grow richer and systematically and subtlely kill, destoy and lie.
You are constantly being watched over and monitored. Beware of cell phones and the media.
There is a government higher than the one you know.  Research 'The Illuminati'.
Electronical mind control is VERY REAL! This information only scratches the surface.

Rent Swordfish the movie:

Did you know that under President Roosevelt a deal was made with extraterrestrials
known as 'The Greys'? Do you know about Area 51 and Pine Gap in Australia?
Have you noticed the black boxes on street corners in New York
and the strange 'towers' being disguised and erected in cities worldwide?
Are you aware of HAARP in Alaska and the capabilities it has?
Have you noticed the chemical trails up in the sky?...
... do you know what they are doing to your mind and your body?
Have you noticed the increasing number of viruses people worldwide have been
contracting every year?... Viruses that cling to your lungs and throat, and reject medicine.
This is your wake up call!
Heed it before you don't know whats hit you, and believe me, you won't.

Next up? The US government may release smallpox. Ahhh, nope, they released H1N1 instead.

Remember New Year 2000? The American media, fed by the US government, put out mass
propaganda that Y2K would collapse the system worldwide and that terrorists would strike!!!
Tiny villages in the middle of no -where celebrated. Huge international cities celebrated.
Millions of Americans, filled with fear and negative energy, stayed home.
What a grand experiment and what a victory for the government.


Controlled by the government, filled with negativity, violence and aggression, very clever
manipulators of your mind, the media tells you how to live, eat, dress and behave. It tells
you what to own and what to believe. The price for this huge illusion?
Stress, pressure, delusion, suppression, depression, imprisonment and death.


Governmentally controlled, food today is filled with massive toxicity...pesticides, chemicals, disease.
It is mass produced and served as quickly as possible with minimal nutritional content.
Milk does a body good? Milk is for baby calfs, NOT human beings.
Do you see any other animal drinking cow milk? It gives you mucous, allergies and excess weight.
As with cheese and beef production, the government profits hugely at the expense of your health.
The government is in the business of making money. How exactly?
By keeping you as sick as possible.


Doctors? Legal drug dealers. If they cannot block your pain, when it develops into a physical
disease, they cut it out! If you turn to natural healing and 'alternative' healing methods, doctors and
hospitals stand to lose billions of dollars. These supposed medicine men will be forced to become
honest and true healers. In the meantime, the 'cures' for AIDS and Cancer remain hidden from the
public and people continue to hand their health and cash, to greedy dispicable government control.
Go on... go pop another prozac or valium and remain apathetic and brainwashed.

These are only brief examples of how the matrix works.
Believe whatever you want to believe.
The answers will find you if you want them to.
Maybe that is why you have discovered this page.

To step outside of the matrix, you need to take control of your life.
Give up your fears. Let go of negative energy and step away from it all.
Become more aware of exactly what you are reading and viewing, and of what you are eating.
Choose alternative healing and medicine.
Take actions in your life that come from your heart and not because society, the church
and the government has told you to. Belive in YOU. Listen to your higher self.

Become a force for good.
Make a difference.
BE different.

The truth is in your heart and so is everything you need to do this... It always has been.

Some of us are brave and wise enough to live outside the matrix.
We come from a place of love, strength, honor, spiritual and metaphysical power.
There is no need for society's seal of approval or validation.
There are no iron weapons or mind control.

Imagine living without fear...
Do you know how?




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