Lovers Past and Present - Soulmates
If you fall in love, believe with all your heart it will last forever. If it does not, understand that what you have experienced is part of the cycle of life. Nothing and no-one remains the same forever. Life is constantly changing and so too, will all your relationships. Relationships are critically important in order to grow and evolve, and we will all experience having to let go and move forward at some point along the way.

Some of us refuse to grow and hold on due to fear and self imposed limitations. Our parents had no choice but to remain in dead love affairs due to the pressures and dictates of society. Times have changed. Couples do not stay together forever anymore but too many leave before they have learnt the lessons they were destined to learn from their chosen partner and so they continue on to experience the same consequences.

Take a look at love in the world today where divorce is so common, where many children are raised in single parent households. A world reflected in print and on TV, with numerous famous couples (who many once believed truly secure and happy), ending long term relationships. They may be celebrities with different lifestyles, but they experience the same love challenges as everyone else such as vulnerability, lust, loyalty, monogamy, insecurity, fear, betrayal, addiction and physical appeal.

It's never too late to make different choices and find happiness in love, even when it hurts like hell and you feel your life is over. It's not! Endings are actually exciting new beginnings, new magical moments, new places, new experiences. Even the majority of soulmate relationships run their course and have to let go.

So if you are in love, embrace it and let your spirit soar. When you begin to experience continuous pain or stagnation, LET GO. The journey of life is all about love from which we discover who we are and who we are not in order to realize the fullest potential of the special gifts we each have to share with the world. Love is but a game and the winners are those who give and receive love unconditionally without fear.

Anne Heche (Gemini)
- Ellen De Generes
(Aquarius) Parted after 3 1/2yrs.

Ellen is now married
to her true soulmate,
Portia De Rossi

Freedom of Choice:
In today's society women have more options, more equality. Women can support themselves and be mothers without having to have a husband or partner. In years past, women had little choice than to be full time housewives, dependent on a husband for financial support. The result was many couples stayed together very unhappily following the dictation of society. If a women had a child outside of marriage, it was considered wrong. Same sex love affairs and inter-racial relationships were forbidden and punished. Today there is greater freedom and acceptance than ever before to express love openly, to no longer remain in a miserable relationship, to live as a single parent and to choose to live outside of a paper marriage without societies unsolicited, ridiculous approval or not.
To marry or not to marry.
Marriage itself is a misunderstood word. Marriage is actually the relationship itself, NOT a piece of paper. It is a commitment between two hearts and minds, for better and for worse. Entering into a committed relationship means trusting, caring for, sharing, loving and being faithful to one person. No amount of paperwork will prove or guarantee a lasting relationship. Many couples have chosen let go of the archaic institution of a traditional paper marriage and prefer instead to live together. Many of these relationships in fact outlive the paper ones! Living together keeps love, romance and trust, young, alive and exciting. Why? Because it is easier to walk out the door living together than it is to go through a paper divorce and it is much harder for couples to take each other for granted.

Nicole Kidman (Gemini) & Tom Cruise (Cancer)
Married 10yrs. Divorced with 2 children.

"Let no one ever say that marriages are made in Heaven; the gods would not commit so great an injustice!" - Queen Marguerite of Valois (wife of Henry IV of France)

Long term live in love affairs:
Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins since 1988 (both Libra's), were together for 23 years.
Goldie Hawn (Scorpio) & Kurt Russell (Pisces), together since 1984, over 25 years.
Oprah Winfrey & Stedman Graham, "engaged" since 1992.
Tina Turner & Erwin Bach, living together since 1986 - over 24yrs.
John Malkovich & Nicoletta Peyran, together since about 1991 with 2 children.
Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy. He was unable to divorce his Catholic wife, so he and Katherine never married in their 25yr relationship that was ended by his death.

Couples living together are
less likely to have an affair.

Prince & Mayte Garcia.
They initially married then
shortly thereafter divorced
because they believe that
contractual energy is

Love is a beautiful garden. Take great care of it together.
Cherish your relationship. Nurture it. Grow together. Share what is in your heart and soul. Become best friends but let there be space between you. Never give up your identity, because then you are no longer the person your partner fell in love with! And, most important of all, TRUST each other. You will attract what you put out from the inside. Your partners will reflect your beliefs so make sure the beliefs you have about men are women are positive.

Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius) & Brad Pitt (Sagittarius)
Even the greatest love relationships run their course.

A crystal ball would be nice.
Who you are today is not who you will be 10 years from now. Life experiences changes us. What we need at 20yrs old is not what we need at 30 or 40. Some of us learn and grow faster than others. The temptations for men are bountiful. Women are more independent and financially able than ever before. Marriage is no guarantee that your partner will not stray, lose interest, lose respect, lose passion, or simply grow out of the relationship and want to move on. It's up to the two of you to communicate, grow and share life together!

Married Soulmates that have beaten the odds:

Tom Hanks (Cancer) & Rita Wilson, since 1985.
Michael J Fox (Gemini) & Tracy Pollan (Cancer), since 1987.
John Travolta (Aquarius) & Kelly Preston (Libra), since 1990.
Warren Beatty (Aries) & Annette Bening (Gemini), since 1991.
Sarah Jessica Parker (Aries) and Matthew Broderick (Aries), since 1993.
Melanie Griffith (Leo) & Antonio Banderas  (Leo), since 1995.
Barbara Streisand (Taurus) & James Brolin (Cancer), since 1998.
Will Smith & Jada Pinkett - since 1995.

"Love is moral even without legal marriage, but marriage is immoral without love. - Ellen Key, a Swedish social feminist around 1900

Married and
in love:
Faith Hill and 
Tim Mac Graw, Since 1996.
Relationship Crisis.
Today, there is no excuse for any man or woman not to be able to fully support themselves and follow their dreams. Unfortunately, this new found freedom has led to couples ending relationships all too easily without really trying to make it last through the challenging times as well as the magical, romantic times. Money issues are a huge factor in relationship breakdowns, either lack of it or different attitudes on handling it. Parenting issues raise stress levels even higher, when women neglect their own needs, live through their children, and both partners conflict on how to raise them. Children also push buttons, mirroring back their parents weaknesses as well as their strengths.

Often, people grow apart as they experience more of life. When this happens, you will need a new relationship to grow in otherwise resentment, frustration and anger sets in. Partners begin to cheat, lie and become distant, even abusive, mentally, physically and emotionally. Human beings are not naturally monogamous and if you decide to be with another partner whilst still in a relationship, it is obviously time to be honest with yourself that there is lack of communication, misunderstanding and unhappiness between the two of you. Issues exist that desperately need to be resolved.

Elizabeth Hurley (Gemini) and Hugh Grant (Virgo)
Parted after 13yrs together, never married, the greatest of friends.

When trust is broken, love follows closely behind.
The relationship will never be the same again.

When you know in your heart the time to move on has arrived, do so as honestly, gently and as lovingly as you can, before pain, grief, anger and wasted years set in. Letting go of anything in life, is the most challenging thing we have to do as human beings, but it is the act of holding on that causes the deepest pain, extreme hurt, sleepless nights and years of healing. There is nothing more destructive than emotional attachment, especially when one or both partners become co-dependent on the other.
Never hold on too tight, to what you love.
Practice learning not to become attached to anything in life. Begin with objects and events. Then, apply it to people. Learn to love who you are and become comfortable with your own company. If you do not love yourself, how can you expect someone else to? Love for yourself and others takes time, so be patient and never depend on another to fulfill you and to give you happiness. Only YOU can find that, and you will discover it is within you, NOT without. By holding on to people and things, you will lose and destroy what you have. By letting go, you will forever have, what you set free!
Kim Basinger, (Sagittarius)
- Alec Baldwin, (Aries).
Met in 1991,
married 7yrs.

Insecurity and Fear.
Couples who fight after separation, couples who refuse to remain friends are in for a surprise. The next relationship will most likely turn out the same way. The reason for no communication after a relationship or hateful communication, is FEAR. Fear of facing something incomplete within yourself that the other person reminds you of. Your new partner will sooner or later bring up the same fear in you. You cannot run away from yourself. All relationships are opportunities for you to learn about YOU. Every relationship will mirror the parts of yourself you love, the parts you hate, parts you need to let go of, and parts you need to enhance. Many relationships, are mirrors of unresolved challenges with your mother or father, that need to be set right.
Mid Life Crisis - The Seduction of Youth.
The not so naive 'victim':
Anna Nicole Smith may appear stupid, and may have truly loved her father figure husband, but the REAL lure is money, possessions and travel. What young girl can resist a life of leisure with the option to party with girlfriends and 'shop till you drop', whilst the aging hubby clings devotedly to her mini skirt.

The Predator:
A relationship is not a place to learn all about your partner and then proceed to try and change them, or to tear them down, so as to feel better and in control. It is not uncommon for men to have a mid-life crisis around 40 to 45+ and begin dating girls in their early twenties. These men need to know they are still attractive and desirable to the opposite sex and even go so far as to marry them. Their bride is then a trophy to show off to other men that they are still desirable and sexually appealing. The young bride also gives them the opportunity for manipulation, molding and control. The result is that sooner or later, the man will reflect the winter of physical age and generation differences, and the young girl, now older, wiser and financially richer for the experience, will grow, mature, eventually rebel, and leave him for springtime.

Who will stand the test of age difference over time?

Billy Bob Thornton, 48 (Leo)
& Angelina Jolie 28 (Gemini) .

20yrs age difference. DIVORCED

Mena Suvari (actress), 25 & Robert Brinkman
(director of photography), 41.
16yrs age difference. DIVORCED

Madonna, 45 (Leo) & Guy Ritchie, 35.
10yrs age difference. DIVORCED.

zeta jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones, 34 (Libra)
 & Michael Douglas, 59 (Libra).

25yrs age difference.
Catherine has always preferred
and dated
older men.
Lovers come and go.
Friendship can last forever.

Meg Ryan, 41 (Scorpio) & Dennis Quaid, 49 (Aries).
Divorced after 9rs, one child, close friendship.

Loving someone and being in love are two different states. Meg Ryan was truly in love and lust with Russell Crowe (Aries), who she had a brief passionate affair with. There was a deep connection at soul level and astrologically. but Dennis Quaid (Aries) is the man she has loved and enormously respected for years.

The two have chosen to live near each other and remain extremely close, placing emphasis on parenting. Crowe returned to Australia and married his long-time love and soulmate, Danielle.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"
More and more couples are choosing to remain close friends when they part. How can you not?!! The two of you have history together and often have children too. The two of you have laughed and cried together. You have shared intimate days, nights and years together. You have shared magical moments and emotional bonding. There is nothing more valuable than friendship and choosing to remain friends is a wise, mature and spiritually evolved act of love.


Divorced couples who are the GREATEST friends:
Bruce Willis, Pisces, 47 & Demi Moore, Scorpio, 38.
Divorced after 13 yrs.

Rod Stewart, 59 (Capricorn) & Rachel Hunter, divorced after 9 yrs, 2 children ... AND Kelly Emberg with 1 child ... AND Alana with
2 children ... ALL of them
get together at Rod's for Christmas Day!

Diane Ladd 64 & Bruce Dern, 67, divorced after 9 yrs. with 1 child...
It took them 10 years to become friends which they regret not doing sooner.

Mick Jagger, 60 & Jerry Hall, 47 (Cancer), 22 year relationship, 4 children... Now divorced. "He's a great friend, just a lousy husband.
Mick and I have
great fun together now because the anger's gone.
I don't expect him to behave
in a certain way anymore."  - Jerry

Halle Berry
& Eric Benet.
Divorced soulmates.
The Look of Love.
Have you ever really looked at two people in love, in a long term relationship? Take a look at some of the couples on this page and notice how similar they are! They usually mirror the exact same smile and facial expression and reflect the same body language.
liz and richard
Elizabeth Taylor (Pisces)  & Richard Burton (Scorpio).
Married to each other twice! Firey, passionate soulmates.
A soulmate is someone who pushes buttons inside us that no-one else can. A soulmate is someone you have a deep bond with, beyond words and understanding - A person who you will learn and grow from more than in any other relationship. Soulmates teach us who we are and who we are not. They show us what we need to let go off and what we need to enhance. They magnify our inner beauty and strengths as well as our imperfections and weaknesses. They are someone with whom we find home. Meeting a soulmate does not mean you will live happily ever after. Soulmates find each other and connect so as to move each other forward in life and often the journey is shared together only for a few years or months. The lessons are always deep, with extreme emotions of happiness and pain.

'Both will undergo an emotional transformation, a soul cleansing, for being together will dredge up all of their unfinished  emotional business and feelings of which they may not even have believed themselves capable. This may feel like a  'fatal attraction,' and one that is irresistible, even if one or both of them wants to run the other way. A significant part of their purpose in coming together is to clear up and heal the past ... old grief, jealousies, wounds and unresolved emotions, many of which they may have forgotten about until now! They will inspire each other to try to live out some of their highest ideals or best dreams.' - Source unknown

FYI: We have more than one soulmate. Each one is different. They may be a lover, or a best friend, or a parent, or your child. No matter what your relationship with them, they will change your life and have a lasting unforgettable impact on your heart, your soul, your life.

Paul Newman (Aquarius)
& Joanne Woodward (Pisces).

Married 1957 to his death in 2008.
Best friends.
mc cartney
Paul (Gemini) & Linda Mc Cartney (Libra). Married 30yrs, 4 children.
Separated for only a couple of nights, in their entire relationship.
No matter what, nothing and no-one can break the invisible soul connection between soulmates
... not death or time or distance. At another place in the eternity of time, the two of you will pick
up and continue where you left off.
Death Is Nothing At All.
Death is nothing at all; I have only slipped away into the next room. Whatever we were to each other, that we still are.
Call me by my old familiar name, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow; life means all that it ever meant.
Why should I be out of mind only because I am out of sight? I am waiting for you for an interval,
somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well.
- Source unknown. Read at Richard Burton's funeral

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