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There are moments in time you will never forget.
Yesterday is not important. Tomorrow has not yet arrived.
This moment is all there is. Innocence, youth and lust entwine.
The dark foreigner sweeps her off her feet in pre-meditation.
The naive maiden fears no harm. She believes. She trusts.
Why would she not.

"Respect and honor" are empty words, used to entice and ensnare.
If he loses this game of courtship, he loses his future.
He will do whatever it takes to win. To return would mean death.
The past has been removed and rewritten by his pen, to impress and win over.
Sworn to never marry, 'tis now a small price to pay for fame and glory.

The mesmerised King freely gives his precious daughters hand.
Even the old and wise Queen Mother does not suspect.
Only the tiny child that awaits on gossamer wings will unveil the truth.

Destiny cannot be escaped and these two were destined to be.
The magical dance of captivation is complete.
"I love you more" echoes across eternity from the past into the future.
Eight years of outstanding tomorrows lie ahead. But then...

Karma is a bitch!
The blonde princess will betray the foreign prince by bedding another.
An angel child will consumate the new affair.
The prince will shed no tears, but dismiss the love with fake wisdom,
rather than admit defeat.
Afterall, his subjects need drama, to feel sorry for him and to fill his coffers.
There are plenty more gullible princesses waiting in the wings.

When Love Beckons You, Follow Him

Artist Dianne Rivers

Eternal Quest Gallery
Copyright Quest For Love And Happiness 1996-2010