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There is only one religion, the religion of love.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
There is only one race, the human race - Sai Baba

The reason why we are all here is to learn to have and to live with,
unconditional love for ourselves and each other.
Everything we do is either an action of love or a cry for help.
Remember when you last became upset?
Was it because you felt you were misunderstood, unheard, judged, criticized, blamed,
unworthy and ultimately, unloved?
We all need to feel love. We each go about getting it in different ways.
Which one or more of these examples do you use to get love?...
Work, special abilities, physical appearance, sex, health, children, pets, partners, friends,
family, gangs, connections, emotions, religion, status, wealth and oh yes, possessions!

Do you need proof that you are lovable? How do you go about it?...
Are you constantly sick and needy...
do you get attention by living in the gym,
do you show off your expensive belongings,
do you intimidate others with anger, threats and violence,
do you use tears or threaten suicide,
do you brag about who you know and what you've accomplished or done for other people,
do you date partners young enough to be your daughter or old enough to be your father,
do you choose partners for money and status in society,
do you have lots of sexual experiences with people you don't really love,
do you abuse drugs and alcohol,
do you act submissive, helping and giving to everyone around you,
do you give to others with absolutely no attachment or expectation of anything in return
other than the pure joy and happiness you feel inside.
You have no need to impress, show off or prove who you truly are, because YOU KNOW.
You don't need proof from anyone in anyway, that you are lovable.
You don't need validation or attention to feel love within your heart and soul.
You walk your talk and your actions absolutely speak louder than a thousand words.

Do you relate?
Do you know of anyone like this?


Well there was Princes Diana and Mother Teresa.
There is Nelson Mandela, Kathy Buckley and The Dalai Lama.
There are also thousands of silent angels, extraordinary men, women and children
throughout the world as you read this, who live and act from a state of wisom, love,
compassion, selflessness and inner strength.
Some of these people have personally endured tremendous physical, mental and emotional
challenges. Because of these challenges, they have become all that they are today.
HUMBLE and living in loving service towards everyone they connect with,
they NEVER GIVE UP, they have learnt how to LET GO and understand most importantly,
regardless of our personal beliefs, choices or physical challenges.
By the way, have you ever noticed that the most spiritual beings and the greatest teachers,
have the most incredible sense of humour!


This kind of evolved soul has learnt to use challenges to become stronger and wiser.
They recognise pain, anger, frustration, loss of freedom and tragedy as huge gifts.
Kathy Buckley will have you laughing and crying at her life story.
She overcame cancer twice, paralysis from being run over by a truck, family physical abuse
and hearing impairment since birth. She is the greatest and most amazing, magical earth angel
I have ever met. She is a huge inspiration to us in that she never gave up,
she learnt to FORGIVE, she learnt to let go, she learnt the power of humour to get through.
Through comedy she communicates her wisdom, deep love and compassion.
How is your life in comparison? Not as bad as you thought huh!


Whatever is lacking in your life is probably what you are not giving.
What do you give and what do you not give?
If you give love, you will receive love. If you give money, it comes back tenfold.
If you put out anger or aggression, that is what will return too!
What are you afraid to give?  What are you afraid to receive?
The direction in which you give is not always the direction from which it returns!
You will receive back, EXACTLY what you put out.
It may come back tomorrow, next month or ten years from now, but it WILL come back!
Everything is in divine order and happens in the timing of the Universe, not your timing.


Inside each and everyone of us, there are special gifts to be shared.
What are your special gifts?  What are your passions?  What are your abilities?

Did you know that something as simple as a smile can touch anothers heart
and make their day? A smile is a gift and costs nothing.
It is also extremely important to say "I love you."
That is an ability we all have and need to do OFTEN!

Do you love children? Children are the future and very important people.
As we lead by example and teach them, they too teach us the things in life
we forgot along the way. They remind us who we really are.

Give children love so they will learn to pass it on as they grow.
If you have children in your life, REALLY LISTEN to them. LEARN from them.
Give them tons of love and attention, and never, ever think you are smarter!
Seriously, did you receive love, attention and caring when you were young?
Were you praised and supported and believed in?
Do you give praise and support to those around you today?

Think right now how much happier people are when they receive love and affection,
encouragement and praise, support and trust.
In life, when you have not experienced something, it's ok, to not understand it.
BUT... when you DO understand, THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!


The language of love is all about communication.
Everything that happens to you, is for YOU to learn about YOU!
It is for you to look within, learn and grow.
Ask yourself " What is this person/event, showing me about myself?"
and "What can I learn from this?"
Listen to your inner voice, follow your heart, not your head.
If you follow your head, you will end up playing horrible mental games with yourself.
Listen to your feelings for your deepest sense of meaning, purpose and direction.
Your feelings never lie. Do what is "right" for YOU, not for someone else.

What has to happen for you to consistently communicate from a place of love and not fear?
Realise that when you hurt others, you are really hurting yourself.


Change your perception about others and understand that maybe they are reacting to you
aggressively because they hurt inside and really only desire to be loved, liked and accepted,
just... like... you.

You can begin communicating from love today, by being loving and kind to yourself.
Develop an awareness of how you speak to others... the tone of your voice...
your body language.
If you feel tension, stress or hostility inside yourself when you speak to someone,
recognise there are issues you need to deal with immediatly.
Face those issues, speak what is REALLY on your mind.
You will discover that what is bothering you are things from days before, even years!
What do you have to lose?
Look at what you have to gain... Inner peace, tranquility, self love.

Like the Nike Ad says, "JUST DO IT."
One man CAN make a difference and it starts with you.
You cannot change the people around you, but you can change yourself.
Remember, how you treat others is how they will treat you in return.
You "teach" others how to behave towards you by what you say and do,
and by how you say and do it.
Think about it!

"Conviction Of The Heart"
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And now...the final step of this journey within your heart:
Giving And Receiving Love

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Kathy Buckley


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