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Hold On Or Let Go?

Everyone must learn to receive as well as to give. It is not so easy for some of us to receive.
Do you feel you don't deserve to?
Do you feel superior?
Do you feel you will be "in debt"?
Refusing, to receive, is stopping the flow of universal energy which is natural and abundant.
Holding on, to something received, also stops the flow of energy.

Let me explain. Put out the palm of your hand in front of you.
Put something on it and close your hand.
Now, how can you possibly receive anything more as long as you are holding on to what you have?

It is a law of the Universe to enjoy and pass along to others, everything you receive.
It is a law of the Universe that everything you give (without attachment to the outcome),
will be returned to you tenfold!

Refusing to receive means you are rejecting a gift of love and joy,
that the person giving you will receive, by you accepting.
Do you enjoy refusing gifts?
Holding on to something means you are afraid of loosing it, will!
The more you resist, the more you manifest the probability it will occur.
Refusal to receive, refusal to give and refusal to let go, is selfish, manipulating and controlling.
It is all fear. Is it time for you to let go?

Also know and really understand, if you keep on giving and giving to someone,
you are preventing them from giving back to you.
Think about this carefully.
The person you constantly give to, will eventually take you for granted,
lose respect for you and walk away.
You will be left alone wondering what on earth you did "wrong"!
You cannot buy love. You cannot make anyone love you.

Each of us must learn to love ourself first, before we can truly love another.
No one can complete you.
You must find that within yourself.
Everyone spends their life looking for the "perfect" relationship.
There is no such thing. People change. People grow. People move on, even soulmates.
Letting go is inevitable whether you want to or not.


So, give with love, give with joy, give without attachment, without expectation
and you will receive fulfillment and happiness.
Whatever you want to have, GIVE!

Want some ideas?
If you lack money, begin tithing.
If you feel unloved, hug those around you and smile at strangers.
Commit and give time to those who need help and support.
Complement with sincerity, your partner, your children, your co-workers, strangers...
for their acheivements, their behaviour, their work, their appearance.
See the greatness in others and they will see it in you!


Thank you all so much for allowing me to inspire, to guide and to teach you.
This page I dedicate to the wonderful people who trusted and believed......
To all those who are afraid but take a huge leap of faith and jump into the unknown and uncertain anyway.
These are the people who REALLY learn to live and discover, happiness!

I have chosen below, excerpts from some of the beautiful letters sent to me, for you all to share.
I hope these letters will inspire those of you who need guidance,
to step up and find the courage to live as you dream.
If you need help, I am only an e.mail away.

No matter what anyone says to you, no matter what society dictates,
the choices of life lie in your own heart.
If you are ever confused, remember...
If it FEELS "right", it is.  If it FEELS "wrong", it is!
Live from your truth, create your dreams, confront all fears and give from your heart.

Letters from YOU!


" This is the most powerful thing I have ever read... It covers everything that I am trying to do in my life... I am in the process of coming out of a deep depression, that until recently I did not know has had a hold of my life for many years. I am getting help now both through counseling and medication... but nothing has made as much of a difference as your web sight... I don't quite know how I stumbled onto it, but you can be sure that I will pass it on to many friends. I now know that I am not alone and I have the power to change my own life. Thank you so much." - Tam.

"Thank YOU for your help and the service that you do!!! I just thought I'd let know know that you are right on..." Peace, Dana

"Thank you for creating this web site! I can't tell you how grateful I am right now. I have been praying for guidance and support and here you are! God bless you." Sincerely, Joyce

"My life has dramatically changed since i wrote (to you) on 12/28 - please continue your work. when i stumbled upon your web site in december i had no idea what a profound effect it would have on my life.

I copied these words - "ITS NOT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, BUT WHAT YOU DO ABOUT IT! No challenge cannot be overcome, no pain cannot heal over time, no dream is too big. Life stops for no-one, so what are you waiting for? " - onto a piece of paper and taped it to a mirror in my bedroom where i would be sure to see it each day. Those words got me through some of my worst moments. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

Your new web site is great and i have passed the address on to two wonderful women that i know need inspiration now in there lives. so please know today that your words and wisdom have reassured me and inspired me. I can't thank you enough." - Amy

"I cannot find the words to tell you how much I admire you and aspire to be at peace as you are. After losing my parents to depression, I promised myself that I would not do that as a parent and, have been to professional counseling but, that does not heal your broken spirit. I admire your belief that in so many words "you are responsible for your own happiness." ... words cannot express. You truly are an earth angel!!!!! You are truly an inspiration ... thank you and God Bless you."
- Kate

"Thank you very much for your positive site! I feel as though I stumbled across it for a reason. I am a 28 year old woman who has always strived to live a full, spiritual existence. I too believe that life is what you make it, that there are no accidents, and that the universe has a plan for each of us. Thank you and God bless" - J.B.

"Thank you for such a positive web site. I "Just Surfed On In", and am glad that I did. Please keep spreading the love." - Gene Thin Elk Jr.

"I very much appreciate you putting into words the oppurtunity for self improvement. I'm sure it will help many people who wish to do this, but then many people prefer to live in the past. Sad isn't it. They are doomed." - Keith

"I think that this is the coolest page that I could find (Love page). I am printing all the poems out because I thought that they were so intense. I wish that everyone would feel this way. Everyone deserves to be loved intense at least once in their lives. Hopefully I will eventually find that love." - Darlene

"Thank you for inspiring me this morning with your message. It gave me the courage to keep following my dream I have been working on becoming." - Kristy

"The bear sent me and I am so impressed! What great fun you must be! We all should be more aware of the power of creativity. You hit so many "bonding" activities and not "just sex" (Romance page), although those are great too of course. Thank you for doing such a great site!!!! " - Naleya

"Your are truly inspirational! I have been suffering from depression & a general lack of spirituality in my life. Reading your website has provided me with much needed support & guidance. I can never repay you for how much hope you have brought into my life. May God bless you always" - Natasha

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