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"The Beach"...Thailand
Explore Different Lands

Make A Difference

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Explore Different Lands:

Earth Cams all over the world!

Castles Of Wales

Travelling the London Underground
Funny and informative.

"Absolutely fabulous" guide
to travelling in Australia.

Resources for Indigenous Cultures
around the world

Sacred Sites
Index page of links to Sacred Sites world wide.

Maori News Online

The Machu Picchu Newsletter.

Empire & Lost City of the Nabataean Nomads,
Jordan, 6th Century B.

Journey Woman Online
Best website for women travellers.

Best places on earth.

Australia's great train journey.

Backpack Essentials
A budget travellers guide to backpacking the world.

Trip Preparations
Info for safe and healthy world adventures.

Eplore the world.

ONE WORLD - Outstanding global website, one of the best ever created.
Made to improve cross-cultural understanding and global awareness through information.
A statement for the peaceful, nonviolent coexistence of nations, for cultural diversity and cultural identity,
and the free flow of information and knowledge across national, cultural and religious boundaries.

Where do you want to go? Two great sites to explore the world:

Moon Travel Book Site   |   Lonely Planet

International detailed weather conditions.

Make A Difference:

Amnesty International
The protection of human rights globally.

Latest world child reports.
They need help.
They need your love.

Take care of our planet, protect the animals
and preserve nature.

Non-violent, creative confrontation to
expose global environmental problems,
and to force the solutions which are
essential to a green and peaceful future.

Become part of this important campaign.

special olympics
Special Olympics is a nonprofit program
of sports training and competition for
individuals with mental retardation. I was
a volunteer staff member for 3 summers,
at the UCLA Special Olympics and had
heart moving experiences working with
these outstanding, courageous, very, very
special people.You too can get involved
from anywhere in the world.

Free the Children is an international
network of children helping children
through leadership and action.
A 12 year old american boy,
began this after reading about a
Pakistani boy his same age,
sold into slavery

aids ribbon
36 million have AIDS according to
the UN, with 10,000 infected daily,
and 3 million dying a year!  AIDS has
orphaned more than 13 million children.
Get involved, be responsible sexually
and help out wherever you can. Live
with awareness EVERYDAY!

A sanctuary for horses saved from slaughter,
just outside Los Angeles.

Quest International Connections:

 Outstanding Global Website Links
The Unique, Music and Sports

Global Information
Current international news, time, weather, moon phases, earthquakes,
travel, international search engines, currency conversion.


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