Finding Home

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Love sought me out and awoke my soul. I am glowing. My heart is so happy.

The Past:
Lovers of the past seem so distant now - they existed to create strength, wisdom,
and knowledge of what is true and what is not. The hurtful pretender that charmed
with weak selfish motive, seems so small and unimportant, but was relevant at the time.

The handsome lovers that were honorable, evolved and real, still communicate with
gentle love and cherished friendship from the times shared, till death do we all part.

The Present:
Magical moment of the heart.

Yes, finding your soulmate is finding home.

Do not be impatient... the Universe will guide you there in perfect timing.
The soul seeks only to escape from the bonds of the ego and find true love,
unconditional and eternal. For what is life but love itself.
Immortalised, captured and expressed for all the world to behold.

The Future:
Be ready to awaken without warning!

May your quest lead you to this sacred, beautiful paradise, that lies within us all.
Where there is love, life begins.

Conviction Of The Heart

Artist Dianne Rivers

Eternal Quest Art Gallery
Coyright Quest For Happiness And Love 1996-2010