Dare To Awaken And Live As You Dream.
Life guidance, ancient spiritual wisdom and common sense.

No challenge cannot be overcome.

The purpose of this web site is to help you accomplish the results you dream of so you can live the life you deserve. This site will connect you to some amazing resources and lead you to places of inner strength and outer beauty. You will find sections on love, romance, relationships, earth angels and also travel to meet some amazing tribes and places around this beautiful planet; people who just like you, are on a personal quest.

Life is an incredible game, a quest for happiness. The Universe has a great sense of humor, tremendous love and gifts of magical unseen guidance, every step of the journey. I am here to remind you of the strength, the power and the magic within you and to remind you of who you really are and what you already know, but maybe have forgotten.

I have the experience, the tools, the love, the compassion and multiple sources of knowledge and wisdom to do this. Think of me as your silent angel who really cares about your life and your dreams. "Why?" you ask. Because the gifts of love and wisdom I give to you, are gifts of love, growth and deep fulfillment returned to me, by you reading these words, seeing the specially chosen pictures and honestly answering every question. So, take advantage of the information and lets go!


Everything in existence is energy. There is nothing in existence that is not. Even nothingness is un-manifested, formless energy. Energy is the universal force of life itself, manifested with intent, purpose and divine intelligence into love, sound, color, and shape. Everything that you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, is pulsating, ageless, timeless, constantly transforming life force energy. Every moment you live, every breath you take, every thought you have, creates and continues the eternal spiral and circular cycles of all that is. You are a magnificent, powerful co-creator of the universe you live in. Energy changes vibration, form, color and sound, but it NEVER dies. So it is with you.

You are an eternal spiritual being living here for awhile on this awesome beautiful planet, having a human experience. You are here to learn, to remember, and to evolve into the purest, highest vibration of love and light possible. The road you are traveling may at times seem to be extremely challenging and even painful, but everything you experience has a purpose and a reason. Understanding the life force within yourself, your home, your health, your work, your relationships, Nature and the Universe, will clarify, define and accelerate your life mission, whatever it may be, bringing unlimited gifts and rewards of abundance on all levels.

NOW, Imagine waking up thirty years from today and looking back over your life. Will it be happy or filled with regret and sadness?

It's never too late to change your mind. It's not over unless you give up. If you give up, a part of you will die and you will miss out on what may be just around the next corner ... if only ... if only you just let go ... take a deep breath, and take that step.


No challenge cannot be overcome, no pain cannot be healed, no dream is too big.
Life stops for no-one, so what are you waiting for?

Become a child again, when you believed, with all your heart, everything was possible. Open your eyes, pay attention to your feelings, and speak your truth. Trust, grow beyond fear and really dare to awaken and live as you dream. You really do have the power to change your life. Everything you need is within you right now, and has been all along! The answers you seek are inside your heart and reflected back to you from everything and everyone around you.

"The way a person reacts or responds to any situation is the cumulative result of their life experiences complied upon one another. Positive experiences build positive attitudes as negative experiences will no doubt support negative attitudes. You reap what you sew ... so to speak ... it's not rocket science..." Jeff, USA

This site is to guide you through letting go and dealing with negative life experiences, past and present. To guide you into being able to focus on what you really want, with totally different perceptions and meanings to the ones you've had before. Then, you will be able to reinterpret life around you with a more empowering and positive attitude towards yourself, others, and everything that happens in your life.


Who Am I? Friend, teacher, angel, healer, light worker and life coach. I am a student of life, mother, athlete, dancer, writer, student of Martial Arts, Reiki healer, astrologer, interior designer, photographer, gardener, explorer and leader.


What am I? Passionate, intelligent, wise, healthy, unstoppable, strong, sensual, determined. Compassionate, spiritual, playful, adventurous, forever growing, immensely thankful.


Life is simply CHOICES and CONSEQUENCES.
Which areas of your life would you like to change, enhance and improve?
... physical, emotional, relationships, spiritual, health, environment, career?
What are your passions? What gives you inner fulfillment and happiness?
What is your future to be?
What is preventing you from having it the way you want it to be?
Finding this site was not by accident. NOTHING happens by chance!

Everything is possible IF you believe.
Do you want something more? Do you want something better?
Is it time to let go of whatever is holding you back from everything you deserve and dream of?
Do you even understand and KNOW what is holding you back?

Nothing is possible in life unless you believe it is.
Nothing and no-one will change until YOU change.

Subconsciously, you have a lot of self limiting beliefs that stop you achieving what you want to do. Those self limiting beliefs, are fears. What is fear? Anger, depression, hatred, jealousy, violence, righteousness, judgment, manipulation, control, prejudice, criticism, macho behavior, aggressiveness, envy, apathy, withdrawal, cynicism, etc.

Begin by asking yourself, anytime you feel these emotions, "What am I afraid of?"
Once you begin to recognize your fears, you can begin to let go of them, and become the awesome being that you really are within.

There really is nothing to fear but fear itself.


Let me tell you a secret. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO LIFE.
Without it life is lonely, empty and meaningless.
Think about it ...
You are communicating with yourself and the world every moment you are breathing, from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. Become a master of communication and you will become a master of life.

I communicate this to you with the only language I know, the language of the heart, mine to yours.
Which language do you choose to communicate in, with your family, your friends, your child, your body, your career, your health, your love relationship, YOURSELF?
Do you communicate who you REALLY are and what you TRULY want? Hmmm ...
Do you communicate from love or from fear?
Do you RESPOND with love or with fear?

Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone, grow, evolve and play? What do you have to lose? No question is too small, no challenge is too big. All you have to do is temporarily suspend disbelief. You are not alone unless you choose to be and even then, you are being watched over by spirit guides.

Here is an invitation for you to walk awhile on a different path, be curious and inquisitive.

Come with me and explore and discover herein, what exciting possibilities and options lie waiting for you.

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