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Create A Dream Team.

Do you realise that this present moment, is all there is!
The past and the future are alive, living and being created, NOW.
WOW! What a concept to understand that EVERYTHING is right now.
As you sit reading this, every thought, every emotion, every feeling in your body,
is a result of your past and actually creating your future in the next seconds and moments
as you breathe and think, by the choices and the decisions you make, right now, today.

What do you choose the next hours, days, months and years to bring?
How about as many magic moments as you can possibly dream, imagine and create?!
Have you chosen happiness, love, vitality, health, passion, romance and abundance?

Happiness is a state of being that comes from within you. No one can MAKE you feel that way.
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, it is a choice to feel this way...or not!

Sometimes, people really cause us to feel upset inside due to what they said or did to us.
When this happens, you have a right to feel pain.
However, you do not have a right to allow yourself to be in that pain for a long period of time.
Learn from the experience and LET IT GO.

No matter how cruel, selfish, ignorant or cold the person that hurt you,
whether intentionally or unintentionally, the event happened for you to learn and grow from.
Staying in pain inside yourself will age you and cause illness. Nothing will change what happened.
Nothing will change the other person until they experience the same pain they caused.


If you are allowing someone else to decide what you think and what you do, ask yourself,
does it truly feel good?
If the answer is "NO!", when would now be the greatest time to begin to live your own life?
Your higher self places opponents in your life to awaken your true self.
When could now become a magic moment in which to begin to rediscover and become
who you REALLY are and wish to be? Do not give your power away to other people.
Live your truth.  This is YOUR life!

How badly do you want to live your dreams?
Yesterday has gone forever. It exists only in your memories.
Tomorrow depends on what you choose TODAY.

Most people walk through life constantly looking back over their shoulder at the past.
Are you one of them?
If you walk forwards, looking backwards, you are bound to fall over.
How many times do you want to fall down before you decide, ENOUGH!
How much pain do you choose to carry with you and for how many years?
Go ahead. Set a time limit. Decide right now. A lifetime?


Are you living the life you deserve?
What has to happen for you to have it?
The "secret" to living the life you deserve is:
a) Believe you deserve it.
b) Make the choices that give you the fulfillment and happiness you seek.

What you are about to read, is EXTREMELY important. You can go read a thousand books,
spend years in therapy, spend a fortune attending seminars, complain, be resentful, unhappy,
depressed, fear filled for most of your life, or...... you can read the words below and wake up!

Life is two simple words: CHOICES and CONSEQUENCES.
If you don't like your consequences, MAKE NEW CHOICES!

Read this over and over until you get it. Understanding the depth of this concept,
will change your entire life. Apply it to everything you say and do for the next week.
See the difference it makes when you consciously choose every single aspect of your life,
every moment of every day. No more excuses or reason for depression, or anger or fear.
Your life, your health, your relationships, your happiness, is YOUR responsibility, YOUR choice.

Your life is not God's responsibility, or your best friend's, or your parent's, or your child's,
or your partner's, or your doctor, or your religion, or your culture, or your government.
It is YOURS.

You are NOT responsible for the way other people choose to feel
or for how they live or for what they say and what they do.
Taking responsibility for other adults, disempowers them and teaches them
to continue their bad behaviour, actions and habits.

Choose you future with care, love, honesty, integrity and passion.
Choose wisely, follow your heart.
Change "I can't" to "I MUST".


Create a dream team of loving, supportive, empowering people, who support your strengths
and not your weaknesses.
Find a mentor in your daily life, someone you know personally or a public figure.

Friendships are one of the most important things in life.
We cannot learn and grow completely without them.
Friends and family are powerful mentors and teachers.
They mirror back to us parts of ourselves that we love, parts we wish to become,
and parts we need to let go of.
Take a look right now at the people in your life.....
Do these people reflect who you are or wish to be?
Are they honest, strong, inspiring, loving, caring and supportive?
Do they speak the truth to you? Do you to them?!

Sometimes, we need to let go of people who are not for our highest good.
If we don't? Well, it is for you to answer that question!

If you would like me to be on your team, I am here for you below.

Lets now continue the journey and understand...
There Is A Season And A Time

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