Betrayal - Aries Narcissus

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All that matters in life are the memories you leave behind. The actions you chose to take...
the words you spoke, from fear or from love... the hearts you touched, for better or for worse...
the lives you changed forever along the magical journey, through the difference you made... or not.

Through their darkness as well as their light, three Aries men touched my soul.
The joy, the music and the laughter... the betrayal, tears and deceit... all was in perfect divine order.
Our paths were pre-destined. Our choices were not.

The sting of truth... the discipline of Saturn... all cycles repeat until we change.
Where ego dwells on earth, the eyes are blind and the heart is cold and calculating.
Where love dances on earth, the soul soars and the Universe expands.

Roger in Heaven, Kurek Ashley downunder, Dior lost in love...
All capable of creating such beautiful dreams and such horrible nighmares for self and others.
Each of you Masters of deception and manipulation of the comatose masses, and brilliant at denial.
Thank you for showing me what love is, and what love is not.
Three generations from now, all those moments in time will be lost... like tears in the rain.

Death - Awakening Of The Butterfly

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