Quest Astrology
Part Two

Planets, Houses, Mythology and Visitors From Outer Space.

Each planet has specific energy which translates into personality traits, derived from the Gods of mythology. Each energy has a positive and negative side which is yours to choose. Each planet rules a sign and has a specific house.

Interpreting your chart means understanding these energys, where they are happy and at home and where they are not.  An aspect means the reaction of two planets in relationship to one another. Are they compatible together or will they do battle?

Astrology is the understanding of these different energys, the homes they live in, and what happens when they visit each other or team up.

The Houses:

 1st House - The House of Self
 2nd House - Money and Possessions
 3rd House - Communication
 4th House - Home

 5th House - Creativity and Pleasure
 6th House - Service and Health
 7th House - Partnership and Marriage
 8th House - Death and Regeneration

 9th House - Mental Exploration and Long Distance Travel
10th House - Career and Public Status
11th House - Friends and Long Term Vision
12th House - Secrets, Karma, Sorrow

The Planets
The first three planets are your core being:


Power and ego - The Sun - Rules Leo, 5th House.
Your Sun Sign is the core of your soul, your inner personality, uniqueness and potential. The Sun (Helios) represents the main direction, focus and determination you have for life's journey. It represents your personal honesty and integrity, your ability to command respect and authority and your capacity to impress and influence others.

Rising Sign/Ascendant
This is the sign which was rising in the sky due east of your birthplace, at the time you were born. Your Rising Sign is the physical expression of yourself, the face or mask you present to the world, the environment you choose. It is the outer doorway reflection of what you choose to show others about you and not always exactly who you are on the inside.

Emotions - The Moon - Rules Cancer, 4th House.
This is your heart, your emotions, your dark side. The Moon is also one of the most important deciding factors in love relationships. A deep, lasting and bonding love happens when your moon and his sun share the same sign. The Moon rules over plant life, tides, fertility, menstruation, biorhythms, surgery and crime incidents. She (Diana) is also sensitive, emotional, nuturing and protective of the home and family.
This planet represents how you think and communicate to the world:


Communication and intelligence, speed and agility - Mercury - Rules Gemini and Virgo, 3rd & 6th Houses.
Mercury (Hermes) is the messenger and communicator of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. How well you express yourself or not, and in what manner, is dependant upon which sign Mercury is in.
These two planets represent your male and female energy and your love life:


Love, pleasure and femininity - Venus - Rules Taurus and Libra, 2nd & 7th Houses.
Venus (Aphrodite) represents love, sensuality, romance, beauty, culture, affection, popularity and sex appeal. How we interact socially, romantically, professionally, platonically. Its placement in your chart provides insight into what and who you are attracted to and love, and what and who is attracted to and loves you.
Physical energy, aggression, masculinity - Mars - Rules Aries and Scorpio, 1st & 8th Houses.
Mars (Ares) represents the God of War, action, passion, drive, adrenaline, determination and spirit. Impulsive, daring and dynamic energy, Mars expresses your sexuality, defines your desires and how you satisfy them.
The next two planets represent rewards and the lessons along the way:


Luck, optimism, abundance, expansion - Jupiter - Rules Sagittarius, 9th House.
Jupiter (Zeus) is known as the Planet of Luck. It rules your potential for growth and expansion on many levels...
physical, intellectual, spiritual and cultural. It also governs the accumulation of material assets, power and status.
It describes your optimism, joy, generosity and aspirations. It signifies the good that comes to you easily and
without effort. It is the planet of blessings to be used wisely.
Karma, responsibility - Saturn - Rules Capricorn, 10th House.
Saturn (Chronus) is the Planet of Karma, a strong disciplinarian and teaches lessons of strength through trial and difficulty, appropriate for this, your chosen lifetime. At times, this planet can be restricting, limiting and inhibiting. Its influence is stern, disciplined, cold and severe. It is destiny and fate, and rules what cannot be escaped. Once payment is complete, lessons are learnt, then joy, undertanding and gratitude is experienced
The final three planets govern entire generations, changes and focus:


Rebellion, unconventionality - Uranus - Rules Aquarius, 11th House.
Uranus is the planet of revolution, sudden change, the unexpected and surprising. It awakens, startles and shakes up security, stability and the conventional. It is visionary and unusual. Uranus takes 7 years to transit one sign.
Mystery, illusion, spirituality -  Neptune - Rules Pisces, 12th House.
Changeable, bewitching, imaginative, clairvoyant, ethereal, intuitive. In the negative, Neptune (Poseidon) is deceptive, confused, fraudulent and treacherous. It rules over human activity and humanity, from movies, drama, dance and poetry to hospitals, institutions and prisons, to drugs, hypnosis and addictions. Neptune rules what you cannot touch and affects everything from  fantasy to fashion. Neptune spends 14 years visiting each sign.


Power, transformation - Pluto - Rules Scorpio, 8th House.
Pluto (Hades) rules the inevitable, important and sometimes huge changes that take place in the cycle of life. It brings to light and releases that which is hidden or buried. It annihilates , eliminates and transforms to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Dominant, powefull and controlling, it both destroys and creates, signifying death and rebirth. This planet represents the highest and lowest of what mankind is capable of. Pluto takes from 13 to 32 years to go through one sign.
The often forgotten, but very important personal planet of healing through pain:


Healing - Chiron - Sometimes associated with Sagittarius and Scorpio.
Orbiting the outer realms of our Solar System, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, takes its name from a Centaur in Greek mythology who matured into a wise and giving healer and teacher. He was the immortal son of the Titan God Chronus. One day Chiron was accidentally wounded in the knee by a poisonous arrow and suffered great pain. He was allowed to die by giving his life up so Prometheus could live. During his lifetime, he overcame personal issues and put to use the lessons learnt, to help and heal others.

On a personal level, the greatest pains you experience (often in childhood), and learn to overcome,
become a source of great wisdom and healing power for you to give and share with others.
Where ever Chiron is in your chart, is an indication of these lessons you must learn and a key to a new door.

Looking even further into the depths of Chirons influence, you will discover whether or not any relationship or marriage will succeed or fail. Aspects to Chiron in a birth chart, lovers chart and wedding day chart, will clearly indicate the future of love connections, the challenges and the inevitable breakups.

To understand these energys in greater depth, I highly recommend you read up on mythology for the signs and the planets. Fascinating and informative, understanding astrology and mythology, will give you keys to happiness in life, passionate relationships, greater friendships, amazing career choices and explanation for the challenges  you have to face and how to overcome them.
Greek Mytholoy| |*Roman Gods

Visitors From Outer Space -The Anunnaki

Of further interest are the discoveries of Zecharia Sitchin, and where we actually come from! Investigate some exciting ancient history and documentation. Discover The Anunnaki also known as The Nibiruans, who quite possibly are the beings that created us and live on the mysterious 12th planet, Nibiru. Before you collapse into a heap of hysterical laughter, consider this: Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf, two American Generals, apparently refused to capture Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War because he was holding out at an ancient step pyramid considered to be an earth base for this early civilisation of man.
Introduction to the Anunnaki and Sitchin's discoveries

Sitchin's Official Website

The Greys

Even more interesting is a link between The Greys and The Anunnaki, both extraterrestrials. The Greys reportedly struck a deal with the U.S. Government years ago and are possibly androids working under The Anunnaki, for their own personal gain ... NOT ours!
The Greys and The Anunnaki connection

Alien Abductions | Secrecy Within The Government & Military

There are 'good' space visitors watching over us, as well as 'bad'.
Remember, fact or fiction, the truth lies within your own heart.

Remain in a place of love ... no matter what.
Stay open to everything ... but attached to nothing!

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